15 Random Sources of Inspiration

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We love lists on our blog and with the office being so manic this week we have a bit of a cheat/easy post where we’ve decided to expand on our Blog Block post and list 15 random places to gain inspiration and ideas for those days when the ideas just won’t flow.

We have sectioned our list into three – People, Places and Actions so here we go with 15 Random Sources of Inspiration.

People to quiz and glean ideas from.

1) Phone a silver surfer
Call it a mini focus group, call it poking fun at your parents, just phone them up and find out what they think RSS is or podcasting or in my case (if I want a laugh) I’ll ask them what they think I do for a living (“something to do with textmailing” apparently) 😉

2) A child’s eye view
One of PoLR’s younger relatives thinks we have a polar bear in our office. Children’s views of the world are brilliant and, at the very least, might give you a great title for a blog post!

3) Talk to a stranger
We once got talking to a pensioner in a park in London. The stories he had and the experiences he shared were amusing and entertaining – we chatted for hours! Talking to someone new gives a new perspective.

4) Talk to the next Charity worker who tries to stop you in the street

Instead of barging past with eyes to the ground engage in conversation just don’t end up signing your life away just for some inspiration!

5) Speak to a curator at a museum
Just beacuse it’s a bit different and you might get a sneaky peek behind the scenes.

Places to chill and free the inspiration!

6) Go up a hill
Take time out, chill a bit and free any blocks.

7) In the bath(room)
It really is the best place to think.

8 ) Take a trip to the circus
Think clowns = the competition. Or maybe squirty flowers = comedy SEO techniques?

9) Visit the cinema
A version of our ‘Orange Animals’ post was inspired by a trip to the cinema.

10) In a restaurant or bar
Take inspiration from the menu design or the flowing wine! To be fair, most of our ideas start here!

Ideas to get you doing something different!

11) Volunteer for a day
New places, new experiences and hopefully some new ideas arising from putting yourself in someone else’s shoes for a day.

12) See a comedian
Just for the Hell of it. A good laugh will take your mind off the blockage. A post could arise from a particular story he/she goes on about.

13) Observe some NEDS (or similar)
Pull your SEO socks up over your trousers and start an online fight, it’s good to show your opinions.

14) Get a tour of a local place – Tenents brewery anyone?
Maybe the brewing proces will inspire a web design process post or maybe the product itself will be the inspiration.

15) Sit on a public bench and observe
Edinburgh and Glasgow can be great places for street preformers (we saw a guy forcing his body through a tennis racket once) and it’s fun to see what happens around you if you just observe for a while.

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