30 things to do before you die (for the technologically aware)


Everyone who knows me, knows I am going on holiday very shortly. Anyone who knows I am going on holiday, knows it is pretty much on my mind 24 hours a day. Because it’s on my mind this post is the perfect combination of working while also sneakily getting even more excited about my trip.

I have carefully researched and come up with the ultimate list of 30 things to do for *ahem* ‘technology fans’.

  1. Visit Google HQ. Can’t convince anyone to give you a tour? Then get a picture beside a sign at least!
  2. Visit The European Extremely Large Telescope in Chile. It is what it says…a large telescope.
  3. Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and maybe see an actual launch…
  4. White Oak Boulevard, Los Angeles, California – Where Elliot tried to take ET home.
  5. Send a Tweet from outside the Twitter offices in SoMA, San Francisco – Any why not I say!?
  6. Diggnation – where ever they are filming!
  7. Ontario Palace, Toronto to experience IMAX in it’s original location.
  8. Do You Want to Play a Game? Then mosey on over to the 7 eleven in 41440 Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake, California to see the actual 7 eleven where David was arrested in War Games.
  9. Island of Java. Purely to get a good coffee and well, because it’s a geeky name or try Santa Clara – Sun Microsystems headquarters for those of you who don’t prefer the island and the coffee.
  10. Visit Vegas for the Star Trek convention.
  11. Area 51, Nevada, USA to try and spot a UFO or better still, a Grey!
  12. And if you can’t get to Nevada then try BonnyBridge in Scotland, UFO capital of the WORLD. Supposedly.
  13. Vancouver in Canada and get yourself booked onto an X-Files location tour.
  14. Devils Peak in Close Encounters of the Third Kind – or in real life it’s  Devil’s Tower National Monument, Devil’s Tower, Wyoming, USA where the closing scenes of this movie were filmed, the bit where the talk to the aliens through flashing lights and keyboards. It could happen you know.
  15. Make like a student again at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, school to the likes of Claude Shannon, founder of the digital circuit design.
  16. Kanazawa, Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan and see the Earth Simulator (supercomputer).
  17. Take a ride on the Shinkansen and Maglev trains in Japan that in 2003 reached a skin tightening 581km/hr.
  18. Melbourne Museum in Australia to see Australias first digital computer (CSIR Mk 1) and the only surviving first-generation computer which is now on display here.
  19. Oxford University and become the next Tim Berners-Lee (CERN)
  20. CERN in Geneva, Switzerland – home of t’internet
  21. Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England – home to such films as the Hitchhikers Guide and A Brief History of Time.
  22. Bletchley park in England, ‘cos it’s a bit of an Enigma (well, not any more of course!)
  23. Bradford Film and Photography Museum, England. See what it was like when photographers had to use film, glass, paper and stuff to make photos, it was all pre-PhotoShop would you believe!?
  24. Get your air guitar at the ready and enter the Air Guitar championships.
  25. South East England, all over to see where Dr Who’s been filmed. You’re safe from Daleks, they’re in Bradford Film and Photography Museum. Well, some are anyway.
  26. Electric Brae, Ayrshire, Scotland – roll a ball up hill.
  27. Go to Beauvais in France and see the Astronomical Clock
  28. Visit Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich, Germany and see the school that Einstein attended.
  29. Stay eco-friendly and stay at home to visit the online Star Wars Toy Museum.
  30. Take a road trip round New Zealand, Home of Middle Earth.

Not tired after those 30? Then how about another 5…:

  1. Get up close and personal with a Stormtrooper.
  2. See some Moon Trees and see it’s not only monkeys, dogs and humans that have been up in space!
  3. Worship all that is not IE at Mozilla.
  4. Go back to the roots of the first Apple Store.
  5. Fart in the general direction of Microsoft HQ.

Got some suggestions of your own? Then leave us a comment…

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    • PoLRweb
    • 3rd June 2010

    Well if you do let us know your thoughts! I've just realised there are loads on it I still have to do…another holiday must be in order…maybe starting with New Zealand!

    • PoLRweb
    • 3rd June 2010

    Pathetically, I haven't been down there yet and it's so close to my house! Still, I did get out to Google HQ (though I felt like an eijit getting my photo taken!)

  1. I must check out that computer when next I head down to Melbourne. Nice post.

    • Lou
    • 8th July 2009

    well i’ve done one of them so far – i’ve rolled up electric brae in a car with its handbrake off.