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A corporate identity is essential in the foundations of every company. Some companies will have the same one year-on-year, some will change theirs with the times, or when it is in need of a small facelift. A lot of thought has to go into the branding process as it will be displayed on all company information and will be visible to everyone who comes into contact with your business.

Elements of this include, among others, the company logo, business cards and letterheads. PoLR can develop all of your branding needs and make it look spot on.

Firstly, we listen to what you have to say about how you feel it should be or the type of image it should convey. This may be ‘Corporate’ or ‘Fun’, ‘Subtle’ or ‘Vibrant’. Having a concept of the type of individual or business you are trying to sell (or provide services) to is key in the development of your company’s brand and must be reflected in the way others see your business.

Secondly, we bounce ideas off you as often as possible for feedback and the chance to work with you to develop the design you are happy with and that will work for your company.

In addition to our aforementioned services, our professional team can also create insight into your company by profiling consumer personas, tracking customer behaviors and observing how consumers interact with your brand. This research enables us to better understand which brand touch-points are significant to your customers and how we can help influence them throughout their “consumer journey”.
We can provide each of our services individually or in conjunction with other services within the Digital Consultancy.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

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