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DotW : Rated People

This diamond of the week is part rant and part 'bigging up' a website. Well, to be more honest, it was inspired by…
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Diamond of the week – Spotify

My diamond of the week is spotify. A fantastic new music service. Here's how it works. You download the program from spotify and…
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DotW : A Message from Earth

Our diamond of the week takes the form of a marketing stunt by Bebo and RDF Digital. They decided to get a group…
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DotW : Let me Google that for you

As the second installment of our Diamond of the Week series I want to introduce you to this new toy/tool. Many a time…
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DotW : Age of Stupid

Here at PoLR we're fans of themes for our blog. Last week we launched our 'Random of the Week' theme and today we're…
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