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The anatomy of a Link

In the SEO world a link is what makes the world go round. A web site is a collection of sites all hyper…
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Upgrading to wordpress 2.7

I have just been updating blogs to wordpress 2.7 and on doing so hit up against this error: Fatal error: Only variables can…
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Easy photo sharpening

Being the only designer geek in a family full of programmers I get called on for anything IT that involves images or Photoshop.…
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Displaying php in a WordPress page

I spent a few hours this morning updating and upgrading a clients blog. Thinking it would be nice to add in a pull…
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Integration with PHPBB3 Forum System

The latest incarnation of the PHPBB forum system has been released for a short time now. Unfortunately there is still little in the…
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Peeled sticker effect in photoshop

1) Open Photoshop and go to File - New to create a new document. I set mine to be 200px x 200px and…
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