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Being involved in ethical and organic SEO techniques made me think today. If we actively promote the ‘good & wholesome’ side of SEO should we not be reflecting our beliefs as a company through our day to day operating?

Recycling paper, cans etc is the most obvious course of action and our office currently has boxes of recycling all over it but what else could we all be doing to help that little bit more?

If you are in a larger office block why not talk to the office manager and try to get recycling points around the building such as can and bottle recycling in the kitchen areas. Furniture is another item that regularly gets recycled round the office block we are in, not only does this reduce waste but also helps out companies who are just moving into their first office and can’t afford the expense.

Refusing to supply plastic cups at the water dispenser and only supplying re-usable glasses is a great resource saver (not to mention easier on the wallet). Refilling ink cartridges is also another money and environment saving action (I would have put an estimate for decomposition here but a quick google search varies between 25 and 1000 years so I would like to say how accurate it was!)

The above options are all regularly seen around office nowadays but what can you as a company or individual do that takes your environmental awareness and eco-office to whole other level?

1) Carbon offset your hosting
There are a few carbon neutral companies out there but we like eco web hosting. They calculate the carbon emissions used in running servers 24 hours a day and offset this figure by planting trees in the Ransomwood Business Park in Nottinghamshire. Unfortunately for us we’re in a contract with someone else but the second we can we’re switching!

2) Eco-envelopes
Recently approved by the US postal service, eco envelopes not only reduce waste they also save your business money through reducing packaging costs. For example, rather than enclosing a self addressed envelope your recipient can reply using the same envelope. Not only that, but the envelopes are from sustainable forests and use soy and water based inks and a ‘bio cell’ window.

3) Make pen chewing a tastier option
You can now buy bio-degradable pens that degrade within a year. They are made from corn starch but look and feel just like your average ‘bickity biro’. For a slightly more unusual take on the recycled pen how about one made from recycled CD cases or recycled pen parts.

4) A good excuse for upgrading your monitor
A CRT monitor is far heavier on power usage that an LCD screen. For example, a 17inch CRT requires 90 watts and a corresponding LCD only 35 watts that’s less than half a CRT’s usage. Another, slightly less weighty plus point is the sheer size difference between a CRT and LCD – going for an LCD will give you more room on your desk and may mean you don’t have to buy that extra piece of furniture!

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