Facebook Mortgages, Facebook Digestives or Facebook Emails…

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Which one do you think is true? It is the last one, personally I don’t think it’s too long before I’m paying into the bank of Facebook and dunking my Facebook digestives in my Google brew. Maybe not but we’re getting there.

Plus just a little note before we begin, I’m not a techie I’m a…a creative (pah!) right lets just say I do words, I just thought I’d get that in there before you start laughing at me when I get my Hmail and my Gotmails mixed up…wait a minute?

So the latest roll out from camp Facebook is the introduction of Facebook email, sorry Mark, it’s not email it’s a modern messaging system where you send contacts messages… electronically? That concept does sound familiar some how. Actually it is different from email in as much as there are no subject boxes, cc or BCC it is more instantaneous as you can send mails just by hitting enter it is also cross platform (or platform agnostic I read somewhere, that’s a new one on me). This means that the communication can be via either; email, mobile phone, instant messaging or SMS they all end up in the same place your Facebook inbox.

“…one user may send an email, one an SMS but both will appear on Facebook as part of a conversation.”

That introduces the other concept of Facebook’s modern messaging system, the continuous collection of conversation. The new Facebook messaging will present a seamless conversation history, regardless of the method of delivery will join a continuous conversation with that specific person. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg likened it to back in the olden days when people would keep all their letters and have a tangible history of the development of the relationship through their correspondence. Right…. Fair point but think of most of the conversations you have via text and IM these days. Now you are going to have a comprehensive history with wee Jimmy possibly something pertaining to this:

“How are you”
“Fine, what you up to?”

Words I shall treasure for ever no doubt when in twenty years times I review my Facebook inbox and remember those conversations from many moons ago, good times.

The other concept the new Facebook messaging service introduces is, it’s not just an inbox it’s a social inbox. Meaning, that only your friends and friends of friends can send you messages everything else goes into the box imaginatively named ‘other’. This brought up a rather thorny issue that had Mark Zuckerberg tossing and turning on his bed of millions no doubt; the issue of exporting contacts to other platforms namely Gmail. Google were outraged to discover that Facebook were blocking the exporting of contacts from Facebook to Gmail, from which Gmail duly reacted and blocked Facebook from exporting contacts from Gmail to Facebook. An issue which I believe has yet to be solved.

The reason Facebook gave for this, which I must admit I can see the logic behind it is that Facebook was preventing exports because, users didn’t really ‘own’ the email addresses of all the Facebook contacts. The whole if we are friends on Facebook should I have access to all your data to do with what you will? Tricky situation.

The bit I loved when researching this blog was to discover Mark Zuckerberg’s inspiration for the new Facebook messaging service. While visiting family, he got talking to some high school kids (as you do) upon talking to the youngsters he discovered that they thought of traditional email as slow. What?! I hear you exclaim slow? As it turns out its not so much the speed of the delivery but the effort it takes to compose, the little formalities such as putting in a subject and sticking your name at the end or rather too much cognitive load (?!).

I dread to think what kids will want next? They’ll just think of what they want to communicate and it will instantly be transported into the recipients mind by Facebook telepathy LTD, no cognitive load in that.

Are you all excited about the prospect of Facebook messaging, as far as I know it is being slowly rolled out by invitation only just now to press types and other influencers. So just sit tight and wait for your own ‘modern messaging system.’

N.B Wee Jimmy was made up for the purposes of this article and is not a true representation of all wee Jimmys.

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