Going green in the office – Green Office Week (2nd – 6th March)


If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that we recently won the BT Scotland Young Entrepreneur award for Most Environmentally Responsible Business. If your not a regular reader then, well…we’ve just told you!

March the 2nd to 6th this year sees Avery® launch Green Office Week. The aim is to raise awareness of small eco-friendly acts we can all do within the office environment, easily. By empowering staff to develop eco-friendly strategies it will allow them to feel they are doing their bit at every opportunity (not just at home).  The idea is that everyone doing little bits will combine to make a real difference to the environment (what they call ‘seeding change’).

Green Office Week

The Avery® website offers loads of hints and tips for making some Green steps and is worth a  visit.

To get you going here are ten (and one for good luck) suggestions that can be implemented quickly and at minimal cost. If you have any more please feel free to add them as a comment.

  1. Recycle your ink-cartridges.
  2. Say no to plastic water cooler cups and opt for glass that can be reused (then recycled when broken!)
  3. If you are in an office block try to get the building owner to add recycling facilities to communal areas such as shared kitchens.
  4. Recycle your old, unwanted office furniture so it can go to a good home.
  5. Use eco-hosting for your website (contact PoLR for more info 😉 ).
  6. Use a bike, public transport or your good old feet to get to work and meetings as much as possible. If that’s not possible, can anyone in your office car share?
  7. While eco-acts are in your employers mind, why not try to encourage them to participate in the UK Government run, Cycle Scheme (it’s a tax benefit too!).
  8. Why not send your own eco-action list round your office with hints and tips for the office and home. Encourage everyone not to print out the list!
  9. Turn out lights, electrical equipment and air conditioning each night.
  10. Use scrap paper and bad print jobs as a phone pad to ensure it’s used to it max. usage – then recycle it.
  11. Use the PoLR everyclick page as your browser and help support Polar Exploration!

An remember, if you want to have a website or internet marketing campaign designed by a young, innovative and eco-aware company then give us a call on 0141 572 8819.

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    • admin
    • 21st February 2009

    @ Fran : Great suggestion and has the added benefit of giving you a emil trail of T’s&C’s being received 🙂

    @Jacqueline : Love the hamster idea! Maybe I could start with an office hamster and progress up to an office Polar Bear…not sure Ryan would go for that though!

    • Jacqueline
    • 21st February 2009

    I think it’s fair to say that not everyone can avoid printing altogether and nor do I think we ever will! But I always print two-to-a-page to 1/2 the amount of paper required. Printing on both sides of the paper will 1/4 the amount. You can alwyas re-use the paper later by shredding it and using it as bedding for your kids hamster, just a thought!

    • Fran
    • 21st February 2009

    Instead of printing off terms and conditions etc, e-mail them to customers instead. That should save a load of paper over the year.