Honestly, You mention Chewbacca on your website once…

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chewySo, you mention Chewbacca on your website once and before you know it your website’s attracting more visits that a candyfloss stall at a fairground.

When we started updating this blog on a daily basis, we didn’t expect the sheer randomness of some of the search terms that were to start to drive traffic to our site. Still, as they provide amusement in the office we thought they were worth sharing.

If you’ve landed on this site while looking for any of the terms below, maybe you’d like to leave a comment telling us what you were looking for. I’d especially like to hear from the surfer in point one. I’d also love to hear your own websites’ amusing searches, do any beat ‘Nasty Chewbacca’?


So here we go with our top 10 favourite searches:

  1. Health Check Polar Bear – In my mind I can see a vet sitting down at his PC and puzzling “right, so I’ve gotta give this Polar Bear a health check tomorrow…where to start..? Where…to…start..?”
  2. Nasty Chewbacca – I’m not going to link out to what this actually is but if you want to know then go ‘Urban Dictionary’ it.
  3. Bring Back Chewbacca – ‘Cos he died didn’t he? Not the actor but the actual furry beast that is Chewy in the movie. According to Star Was obsessive, Calum he did.
  4. chewbacca.ppc@****.com – See, the world’s Chewbacca crazy.
  5. Marketing Shiny Things – I wonder what shiny things they were looking to market and more to the point, how this would differ from just ‘Marketing Things’?
  6. Hearse – I can only assume they weren’t looking for e-commerce advice
  7. Viral Sheep – I believe this was a hit from Aberdeen. (Before you shout, I can get away with saying that, I’m from there.)
  8. Spotify Safe Sex Advert – Thank’s to a comment left on our blog we now get visitors for this! Thanks Jo!
  9. tina@ntwifinetwork.com –  Guess there’s a few other people getting threatening e-mails too!
  10. Monkey Boy Web Design – A post about our very own Monkey Boy, I wonder if the visitor sponsored him?

And for a wee Brucie Bonus here are a few more that deserve a wee mention.

  1. Bronze Axe Sale
  2. Marketing term “chickens”
  3. 4th Birthday cake
  4. Using a Term Loosely
  5. Fit a stramash

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