How come the ‘Goodies’ always use a MAC?


There’s an argument raging in our house and it’s been going for years just as it’s also been going on throughout the world with the MAC v’s PC adverts.

You see, I’m a PC user and yes, I know that a MAC is the computer of choice for designers BUT it’s what I’m used to, what I learnt on and I will continue to use one. I’ve got a MAC and I’m coming round to it but still go back to my old faithfill PC.

I will accept that my dogged determination to use my PC could be likened to my refusal to agree that any music my Fiance liked was good (until he discovered all his cd’s in my car) and I fully expect that at some point I will change my mind on this too but for now…I am a PC.

Watching the TV the other night we noticed something that added fuel to the fire and gave my worse half even more reason to believe he was right. We noticed that all the ‘Baddies’ in season 7 of 24 use PC’s and all the ‘Goodies’ use MAC’s.

Think I’m kidding? Well let me demonstrate it to you…

24 : Chloe v’s Sean Hillinger



24 : The rest of CTU v’s The Kidnappers Computer

24good2 24-bad1

24 : Chloe (again) v’s Jonas Hodges

chloe2 24bad3

An exception to the rule

Now, this is something we have noticed and commented to each other before. Each time I have had to concede defeat that, Yes, ‘Baddies’ do appear to be PC’s too. However, I’d like to throw this name into the mix:

James Bond.

Yup, the silver haired Martini lover himself is a Vaio user (a bit like myself, the Vaio bit not the silver haired Martini lover!) So I guess the only way to settle the argument in our house would be if a ‘save the world’ battle between Mr Bond and the entire CTU team kicked off.

I think the smart money is on Bond, he keeps his cool way more than Jack, never says ‘Dammit’, has more tricks up his sleeve than a plain old fire-fight and has more than just 7 days experience 😉

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  1. @Colin ‘Jobs’ aka Foster
    1) She always does because she is an idiot and wouldn’t kow a bad guy if he had ‘killer’ tattooed on his forehead.
    2) My screengrab doesn’t technically give that away so maybe you are wrong….
    3) You’re still halfway through season 3 – catch up!
    4) Nice to see you are still reading my blog and we thank you for your comments 🙂

    • Colin Jobs
    • 29th May 2009

    PS (again), thanks to your screengrabs, you’ve now informed me that Kim Bauer gets kidnapped (again) in Series 7. THANK YOU.

    • Colin Jobs
    • 29th May 2009

    So there’s your ‘Save The World’ winner!

    • Colin Jobs
    • 29th May 2009

    Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith also used a Mac against the evil aliens in Independence Day. The aliens quite obviously used an Alienware PC and so were easily conquered.