I’ve been meaning to put this post up for a while but since coming back from my holiday I’ve been back into work, work, work so this is the first chance I’ve had.

Anyway, at Think Visibility a month ago there was a talk by Karyn Fleeting on corporate blogging. During her talk she asked us all a question;

When looking through our RSS readers, which blogs do you read first?

Everyone did the usual thing they do in situations like this – we all looked to the floor with no one really wanting to be the one who spoke up. After a short wait she gave up on us all and put us out our misery saying something along the lines of:

It’s your favourite one…

I thought about that while I should have been concentrating and considered my own reader and how I scan through it on a daily basis.

Her question made me think that I am obviously not a loyal reader of any particular blog as I don’t go straight for a favourite, No, I realised that (and you can call me childish) it’s the headlines that make me have a wee snigger or say ‘Eh?’ that get me clicking.

Below are just a small selection of the posts that have made me click for more in the last few weeks. Each one made me want to see what it was about through an amusing headline.

It made me think that it’s all good and well putting in an informative title but if you want footfall then silly and amusing is possibly the way to go!

So how do you use your reader? Are you a loyal follower of a few blogs or fickle and random like myself?

If you want to read about creating snappy blog titles I found two really good articles that are worth a read (both from copyblogger):

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