The Internet ruins holidays. Fact.

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I say ruin but I’m maybe being a little harsh. If like me you are on a computer 24/7 then the temptation to find out everything you can about an impending holiday can prove too much.

I’m pretty bad when I have a run up to a holiday, it’s pretty much on my mind constantly and I spend loads of time researching it (because I don’t want to risk missing anything!) There are so many great resources out there and while this post may not sound like I appreciate them, I do, it’s just a tongue-in-cheek way of reprimanding myself for taking the surprise out of any holiday I go on.

Joking aside, these are excellent resources for checking out a location before you go and used sensibly, you can make sure you’re not about to holiday on a building site for a fortnight!

So here’s a little run down of why I’ve managed to spoil it for myself 😉


Posting a ‘Yay, I’m off on holiday’ status update provided several replies from friends and family who had also been to the same place. Not being able to resist, I contacted them for ideas and suggestions of places to go and places to stay. Once I had gleaned as much information as possible I pillaged their photo albums and gleefully went through ever single one while thinking to myself “I’ll be there soon”.


Gone are the days where you find a hotel, read a brief (Twitter length) description in a tourist information brochure and get yourself booked. Now every hotel can be researched to within an inch of its life, reviews read and travellers pics perused before deciding whether you want to ignore that 1 bad review in 50 or whether it’s worth continuing the search.

I myself have devised a system where if a hotel has anything over a 3 rating then it’s worth a consideration – I base this on a feeling that the majority of people just  leave these reviews when upset so to get a good review, the hotel must be ok! I will however, be eternally grateful for the review that said a motel I was looking at seemed to be run by ex-convicts and drug users – I think that was worth skipping over…


I have now spent more hours on Flickr than I ever thought would be possible. I have looked up every location in our two week roadtrip to the point where I know all the good places to go for photos although I will have to get a little more imaginative if I want a shot that hasn’t alread been done to death!


Before choosing were to stay, I meticulously Googled every location to check parking, views, relation to pubs (not too close, not too far), I check and searched so much I reckon that, without ever having been there, I could navigate my way round blindfolded.


After deciding to stay in one location I then decided to research it some more. I chose YouTube. After an entire Friday night YouTube’ing ‘Bear attacks’ I freaked myself out completely, cancelled the camping trip and booked a hotel.

Not only does the Internet ruin holidays, it ruins budgets!


The photoshopped images that cost me a fortune.

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