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Twitter has well and truly got it’s metaphorical foot in the door when it comes to the composition of a businesses’ social media strategy. In fact it’s not just got it’s foot in the door it’s got the kettle on and it’s sitting in your favourite seat. We’ve established that Twitter is here, and it’s here to stay for the foreseeable future. The question on many a bewildered Twitter newbie is, “Am I doing this right?”

The concept in itself is simple, 140 characters to use however you want (in theory, we’ll come to that in a minute). You follow people who are of interest to you, or perhaps useful to you and they may follow you back or they may not (ouch a dagger to my heart). Why would a business want to use Twitter? Simple really, to communicate and for brand exposure, it could be said that utilising Twitter could be one of your most essential elements in the creation of a brand and brand personality; Twitter is also helpful in online marketing and search engine optimisation.

Lets get back to the nitty gritty, I’m I doing it right? In any human social sphere whether it be virtual or face to face there will be a certain amount of unsaid, shall we say expectancies. Certain ways of acting dependent on the creation of your Twitter credibility and certain things which you just would not do if you don’t want to upset the Twitter aficionados.

What are they, what are they? I hear your say, don’t worry PoLR have done the leg work and have come up with the Twitter Guide Book, well leaflet, well blog post actually, read on…

1/ Now nobody likes a desperado do they, it has been argued before that Twitter should not be treated as an online popularity contest quality over quantity and all that. Here’s first piece of Twitter advice; don’t put yourself out there and plead for more followers, for example:

“Guys! 3000 more followers and that will be me at 3002, come on please. I follow back please RT!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Just don’t.

2/ This one may seem elementary but it’s important all the same especially for the Twitter newbies; use link shorteners. Your 140 characters are precious don’t use them up with extraordinarily long links when you don’t need to. This:

…does not make for an interesting or informative tweet. Sharing interesting links and spreading the love = good. Link shorteners ( = good. Let’s stay on the right track shall we?

3/ Make an informative profile. I know you don’t have a lot of room to play with but in the world of marketing and copy especially it’s not how many words you can say but how much you can say with few words, making your message concise will only benefit your future communication strategies. If you want people to follow you, make yourself sound interesting; not that I’m saying your not but think what you would like, what would make you follow somebody?

4/ Upload a picture, I nor nobody else is going to follow a generic egg. An egg who is actually an egg, then fair dos. But you who are a functioning, brand, business or person let us see we are nosey and we like to know who we are talking to. It brings familiarity and breeds friendliness and brands it will instill that little bit more trust, so get snapping and let us see your pretty faces!

5/ Last piece of advice in this installment of the Twitter Guide: Twitter itself will not save your business, you must have a plan of action also. Going back to the debate of quality over quantity, becoming a prolific tweeter and tweeting every five minutes will not make you an expert in SM nor will it propel your business to new successful heights. A few strategically timed interesting and relevant tweets will be much more lucrative to you in the long run. A strategy is a must for business, allocate times for your social media as un-structured hours spent will prove to be financially nonviable if you are not using the time wisely. Most importantly of all think what you want to gain from Twitter and set easily evaluated and measured objectives; make Twitter work for you.

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