What is a CMS?

What is website validation and why is it important to have validating websites for accessibility, usability and Search Engine Optimisation?

What is a cms?

If you're looking at this page hopefully you are already weighing up the pro's and cons of a content managed website and are looking to see how it could be beneficial to your business. If that's the case then read on and let us convince you...

Invensting in a content management system has many benefits

1) Manage your website content yourself when YOU want

A content managed website lets you update at a moments notice from anywhere in the world, all you need is your password and access to the Internet. Changes are instant and with you doing all the editing you don't have to wait for your changes to reach the top of your web designers workload before they are implemented.

3) Saving you money

Because you don't have to go back to your web designer each time you need something updated it means you are not paying recurring charges for updates. If you plan on updating your website on a regular basis then this option could be a real money-saver for your buiness.

4) Keeping it fresh

If you can update your website on a regular basis then it shows your company is evolving which will encourage users back to your site as they will want to see the latest news.

5) Easy updating

We often get asked "Is a CMS easy to use?" and the answer is always the same; "As easy as using a word processor". It really is as simple and straightforward as that. You will have an admin area where you select each page to edit, once into the selected page you type away just as you would with a standard word processor such as Microsoft's Word. If you can use e-mail then you can use one of our Wordpress CMS websites - it genuinely is an easy content management system to use for someone with little or no technical knowledge.

6) Spread the workload

As a CMS is so easy to use you can issue several admin users with accounts and spread the responsibility and workload throughout a team. This is fantastic for large organisations where you could have one person per team responsible for their own departments news.

So there you have it. Six reasons why a content managed website could benefit you and your business. If you're still not convinced and would like to know more then contact us to talk it over.