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birthday-cakeSo, two of us in the PoLR office have reached that time in our lives where we can beathe a sigh of relief. We are officially far too old for the Garage and are allowed to admit we do actually like the odd quiet night in. So what’s happened to us? We’ve turned 30 that’s what. Well, to be more precise, I have and in a fortnight so will Calum.

Never ones to miss out on the opportunity of a blog post we’ve decided to mark the end of our Twenties with a cop-out of a post that’s vaguely in tune with Facebooks ’25 things about me’ viral posts that are so popular. So here goes with 6 sets of 5 things I love on the internet (very) swiftly followed by Calum!

5 things I love about social networking

  1. It’s easy. You can make quick contact with friends when you’re busy without a lenghthy mail or phonecall.
  2. It’s universal. You can keep in touch with friends all over the world. Cheaper than a phonecall!
  3. It’s fun. I love ‘morning after the night before’ pics on Facebook, as long as I’m in none of them that is.
  4. It’s random. You are exposed to loads of things – YouTube wedding dances and faceplants to name a few.
  5. It’s Sociable. You get to ‘virtually meet’ tons of people so it’s never boring.

5 things I love about the Internet (trying not to sound like a geek)

  1. It stops arguments. Don’t say you’ve never stopped an argument by ‘Googling’…
  2. It’s my second memory. No matter what you have forgotten a quick seach will throw you up an answer.
  3. It fills in idle minutes. If you have used Stumbleupon you know what I mean, if not, try it and see!
  4. It saves my Saturday. I hate shopping on a Sat with a vengance but no more stress with online shopping.
  5. It stops me ‘losing it’. CSS can drive you round the bend, ‘tinternet is always there to help.

5 old techniques I have been guilty of using when learning webdesign (a long time ago…)

  1. Animated GIF’s. They used to be funky.
  2. Frames. That’s the way it used to be done…
  3. Tables for layouts. As with frames, it used to be done like that – honest!
  4. <marquee> Using this for scrolling text – it looked sooo cool back in the days… </marquee>
  5. Creating an “accessible version” of a site that was just a single text only page or just a PDF.

5 things I am guilty of on the net and willing to ‘fess up about in this post

  1. Using MSN to ask my Fiance in the next room if he wants a cuppa.
  2. Sneakily ‘Googling’ answers during one of Ryan’s ‘pop quizzes’ (so he didn’t get the better of me).
  3. Checking e-mails on Rannoch Moor, on holiday (the only place  I could find with iphone reception!).
  4. Refusing to choose a holiday location until I ‘Flickered’ every picture I could find of it.
  5. Vanity searching. Come on…we’ve ALL Googled our own name..haven’t we?

5 simple SEO /  Marketing  tips

  1. Google loves fresh content – fresh and unique is the key.
  2. Track, Track, Track with Google Analytics (it’s addictive too…maybe too addictive).
  3. Know your Twits and Stumbles and use with care.
  4. Nothing beats gossip. We love our reviews and word-of-mouth can be the deciding factor in buying.
  5. Get a good design. Visitors to your site is one thing, conversion requires a well though out design.

5 of my favourite websites (excluding this one of course!)

  1. www.stumbleupon.com – ahh, the great time-waster.
  2. www.facebook.com – the other great time-waster.
  3. www.bbc.co.uk – weather, news, teccy stuff…has everything.
  4. www.bbcgoodfood.com – because I am a fantasic chef just ask my well fed fiance 😉
  5. www.tickets-scotland.com – easy to see who’s playing where.

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