Marketing – It’s more than just a sale

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I was recently reading through a friends university marketing notes and one point leapt out at me. It’s an obvious one, when you think about it, but still one that can be incredibly hard to explain (and be believed). It’s the fact that marketing does not have to lead directly to a sale. Like I said, obvious.

Granted, everytime anyone undertakes a marketing campaign the end hope is that it will result in at least a sale or two but my point is that it’s not the be all and end all.

When you think of marketing it’s very easy to think of it in terms of revenue brought back in and leads you to measuring marketing success by direct sales. After all, if an advert costs £10 and brings in £10 of sales then it’s paid for itself and if it brings in £20 then it’s been a success hasn’t it?

Well we think there’s more to the story than that!

So what could be more important than sales?

There are so many other results of a marketing campaign that a company can benefit from that can be longer lasting than a quick sale. Take for instance:

Brand Awareness.

I recently posted about the Message from Earth and I think it’s a terriffic example of a marketing stunt that focussed on their brand over direct sales. The aim of this was to get people talking about the promotion and the result is that they have created a marketing campaign that will span approximately 5 decades. That’s 5 decades of potential/future sales!


As a company in the design field, we are expected to practice what we preach and we feel the best way for us to show this is through imaginative marketing. Yes, newspaper adverts and signs on roundabouts have their place but creative marketing plan is a fantastic way to build your reputation amongst current and potential clients.It’s selling but without being in-your-face. It’s important to go with a marketing idea that enhances the reputation and ethos of your company to reinforce your company brand and in the case of the design field, demonstrate you think outside of the box.


A funky, fun marketing idea has the potential to open your company up to people and places that you never dreamt of before, particularly online where a good campaign has the potential to go viral. The more exposure your marketing message has the better as it will have a greater chance of landing on the right desk – not an immediate sale but the potential for many future ones as your potential clients are exposed to it more and more.

Put simply by Business Coach (and friend of PoLR), Forbes Bryce:

  • The 1st time your prospect sees your ad he ignores it.
  • The 2nd time he sees your ad he notices it.
  • The 3rd time he sees your ad he reads it.
  • The 4th time he sees your ad he remembers it
  • The 5th time he sees your ad he thinks about it.
  • The 6th time he sees you ad he wants it.
  • The 7th time he sees your ad he buys it.

With our mask competition, we had people voting from Southampton to Sydney and one heck of a lot of people in between. That’s a lot of exposure for a wee company from Glasgow 😉

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