Alan Partridge (part 2)


audioAnyone err, anyone want to join me?
The act of trying to receive free SEO for a share in the profits of a, most commonly, ecommerce website.

audioLet’s have a look at what this idiot did, in America.
Viral marketing through humour….We’ve all had random video sent to us by a friend or family member, usually a face plant skateboarder or granny driving into a cafe driving an SUV with a prescription windscreen.

audioI love you, in a way.
Those phonecalls from certain countries looking for outsourced work. It gets tiresome and annoying at times, but you secretly admire their perseverance.

audioJurassic Park
Your website has just hit more conversions than any month previous…Jurassic Park!

audioThat was me……I know it was.
Seeing a effect in the SEPRS after a cracking new link has been sources.

audioPeople bounce back
Your bounce rate might be ridiculously high at the moment but some well thought out changes, calls to action and sales paths can reduce this and allow the bounce rate to go down, people to use the site more easily and efficiently and you to bounce back just like Alan!

audioBreath of fresh air!
Sometimes you can get to close to a project and ‘not see the wood for the trees’. Once you’re nearing the end of a development, get some lay people to have a go at the site, you may find they discover a glaringly obvious functionality flaw or usability failing that you may never have seen.

audioYouth hostelling…with Chris Eubank
The act of desperation in marketing and advertising techniques, where a company will come up with an idea that is irrelevant and unrelated to their actual strategy.

audioI’m really scared
You’ve spent a fair bit of wonga on your website and it’s about to go live, what if it doesn’t work? What if people mock me? What if you never tried in the first place, say?!

audioQE2 is not dead
So you’ve been the first to break a story, this is awesome for the kudos coming back to you, as long as your intelligence is good, you don’t want to have to do a rather embarrassing public retraction!

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  1. Another great collection; particularly liked the Chris Eubank one.

    If I may append one:

    “You’re not going to go all fat and steal my pension?”

    – What clients say when their scammy web developers try and muscle in on their cash cow by doing (outsourcing) the SEO for free/less.

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