Calls to Action – What and how?

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It’s great to have a nice looking/ aesthetically pleasing website. Most people (or businesses) crave this because they want to convey a professional, clean-cut image that evokes intrigue and thought about their industry or products & services. Immense deliberation and debate will go into this:

    “Does the first image the visitor sees capture the message of the website?”
    “What does the colour scheme say about us?”
    “Is this interesting?”
    “Would I use this website?”
    “Does it reflect what our demographic expect to see?”

All very important questions that always occur (and quite rightly so!) in the design process. You absolutely have to iron out how you are looking to be represented on the net and go for the best end product you can get.

Customers are on your site, now what?

Let’s not forget that when these sought-after visitors eventually make it onto your site (through word of mouth or more lucratively, an SEO campaign) you are then left with the glaringly obvious fact that you may actually want them to take some action on your website. That is to say that there was a reason why you decided to get a website in the first place, you wanted your customers to do something once they made it onto your website, this is usually one of the following:

    1) To buy your product (you may have an ecommerce website)
    2) To sign up to your offers
    3) To become a member of your website’s community
    4) To make an enquiry
    5) To book online


The above are all ‘actions’ that you want your customers to take on your website but how do you make them more likely to do this? By giving them more opportunity to partake in the website’s focal function that’s how! Perhaps ‘call’ these customers to this ‘action’?

In actual fact, ‘Calls-To-Action’ include, but are not limited to, enticement to the main goal of the website be this though for example, a banner advert or obvious sign up button. To be clever about this is the way forward. As ever, put yourself in your potential customers’ shoes and ask yourself this:

    1) Would you be motivated to buy (or go straight for the main membership etc)?
    2) Is there enough information there to encourage you to sign up for an initial newsletter, information pack, brochure or rss feed?

Calls-To-Action are facilitating online browsers to ‘engage’ in your website, if they purchase on the first visit, fantastic! If they are allowed to interact in a lesser way initially (by signing up to a newslsetter for example) then you have, believe it or not, still won a watch. The likelihood of them returning to your site for the main selling point increases, as does the chances of them spreading the word of the website to friends.

If you can transform your browsers from a click-through-junkie (by implementing call-to-action buttons in the design and strategically placing them throughout your website) into an interacting customer on one or more levels then your website is working for you!

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