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One of the things that you will hear again and again when you first meet your web designer, during the build of your new site and just before the launch of your site is – content. Content and more content it’s the heart of your website’s functional body, sure the site may look pretty but does it really communicate with your customers? Does it explain to them why they should buy from your website? Does it let them know why you are so much better than the competition? This is all down to the content of the website.

We know that writing and creating good content is not an easy task. It takes time, consideration and planning but it could be the one element that makes all the difference in fact I would say it does make all the difference. Not that it is the single most important element there is of course the original concept, design, the build, the products and the platform but it is essential.

One of the first things you should consider when creating/writing content way before you put metaphorical pen to paper is the purchasing process that consumers go through especially as part of online shopping. E commerce is the perfect solution for retailers it does omit one crucial aspect of buying, face to face contact and the immediacy of conventional shopping. It’s not so easy for them to ask the staff, where is this, does this go with this? Would you recommend it? Why does it differ from X, Y and Z? You may not be there as the owner physically but let the content that you have created take your place and answer all of these questions. Well written copy will assist in taking the procrastination out of purchasing on the consumers behalf and make sales.

What’s the Difference between Copywriting & Content Marketing?

When I’m talking about creating website content it is a definite umbrella term meaning it covers a broader range of functions that just writing text. Content marketing is also more than just writing and strategising on where to place it in the site; it also encapsulates social media marketing and the sharing of what you’ve created. In order to differentiate between the two I will leave that task in the capable hands of Copyblogger.


“Copywriting is the task of delivering words that get people to take some form of action.”

Copy writing is creating text that is going to serve a definitive purpose, whether that is to increase traffic to your website or to sell your product.
Copy writing serves a clear purpose to get visitors to your site and to clearly communicate the desired call to action. Buy, sign up, register, read, download, subscribe etc…

Content Marketing

“…delivering requested information with independent value with the purpose of increasing trust, credibility and authority for the business.”

Content marketing centres on the creation and sharing of informative content it has in common with copy writing the goal being to turn traffic to your sites into sales. The slight difference is that through the improvement in trust content marketing is more long term focussed. Content Marketing should not only turn prospectives into sales but also aim to create loyalty and return custom.

To conclude, this article was written to hopefully bring some clarity as to why the creation of quality and unique content is so important to the future success of your website. Customers will immediately be able to tell when they land on your website if no effort or thought has went into the creation of the content/copywriting on it.

Don’t let this be the reason why you are not converting traffic into sales. Stay posted to the PoLR blog for the next article in this series that will provide you with tips and actionable plans to help you create quality content and copywriting especially for your e commerce website.

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