FaceTwit: Is Facebook disguising itself as Twitter?

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facetwitFacebook began rolling out its new updated version on Thursday and today it has finally reached my profile. What struck me immediately was the similarities it now has to Twitter, the second thing that hit me was that despite saying for long enough that ‘I don’t get Twitter’, I realised I have actually been using Facebook as if it were Twitter for years.

What do I mean by that?

Well, when I log into Facebook the only things I look at are profile updates and possibly a photo or suggested link if it catches my eye. This is exactly the way Twitter works. It’s interesting that Facebook has made the micro-blogging/profile updates so apparent in this version and I would assume this is due to the constant chat surrounding Twitter at the moment.

A Facebook friend joined Twitter this weekend and by the time I was back from my night away he’d given up and deleted his account. The same guy updates his Facebook status on a very regular basis.
I haven’t spoken to him to see why he hated it but I’m guessing (after chatting with others) that it comes down to a few things:

  1. Why bother with Twitter when you have Facebook if it does the same?
  2. Following the same people/strangers – why?
  3. The time spent on yet another social media account.

So in an effort to show my facebook friends that Twitter is worth a look here’s what I think of those aguments!

Why bother?

I have two reasons why Twitter is worth having at least a decent play with. Firstly that you can follow strangers (which was initially a bug-bear of mine) and secondly that your social media accounts can be combined to cover all bases and save time – so it’s not really any extra effort but is more exposure.

Same People…

Yes, I do follow a lot of the same people on Twitter that I do on Facebook but I also have access to other people I want to hear from but whom I am not ‘friends’ with. For example, at a conference the other week I was really impressed with several of the speakers and so I followed them once I got home. These are not people I have e-mails for and we’re not friends – I just want to hear what they have to say in future about the topics they presented on. If I stuck to facebook, I would never have been able to add them as friends and could be missing out on valuable industry news and comments.

More time…

There are tools out there that can help you make best use of your time when it comes to updating your social media profiles in a ‘one-er’. I currently have Facebook, Bebo and Twitter all linked up so I update once and can forget about it. I set this up from apps.facebook.com/twitter

If you use Firefox as a browser then you can add all sorts of add-ons to do the job for you such as the toolbar for Facebook and Twitter fox – saves time logging into one account after another.

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