Free prepare your e-commerce website for Xmas guide


pdfpicWe have just put the finishing touches to an e-commerce Xmas guide which contains 52 things an on-line retailer can do to prepare for the festive period.

Any retailer who has an online shop and wants to be ready for the Christmas market could use the suggestions enclosed in this document. In fact, many of the suggestions could be used on the majority of website so the short answer is that it’s for anyone and everyone.

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  2. Cheers my dear, noticed the RT thing yesterday too – it seems to catch up eventually but it is annoying.

    “run-up to Xmas”…I was thinking it was a little too early to start posts like this but then I realised it’s October tomorrow, then it’ll be November and then it’ll be almost Christmas 😉 Sorry, couldn’t help it but look on the brightside, you no longer have to put up with me coming out with that in the office every day from October!

    Added in a few instructions to the download page to make it clearer an the PDF is much smaller (we’re all impatient on t’internet aren’t we?)

    • Paul
    • 30th September 2009

    Hi Lynne, when I click on the download link – I get the full pdf coming up on the browser, but it takes an age (ok i understand i have an impatient nature), but I thought that would just go straight into download mode not showing me the pdf in my browser.

    I’m thinking you guys have a cracking opportunity here and not everybody who wants to access the pdf – wishes to do so in their browser.

    One other tiddly thing, I RT’d your post via the tweetmeme button and it was displaying 8 hits prior to my RT. Still is, I guess Tweetmeme is having update probs methinks.

    Finally, thanks for sharing a brilliant guide for e-commerce websites in the run-up to Xmas.

    I’ll do what I can to help spread the word, because it needs spreading 🙂

  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for your comment, we’re having problems replicating the download.php problem though (although we got it once on a MAC) so mayto drop you a mail for more info. Also, is it the PSD of the polar bear that’s opening up or just the PDF?

    • Paul
    • 29th September 2009

    The psd file is opening up in my browser when I want to download it — plus when I right click and try and save it that way – its downloading as download.php