How Content Can Help Your Ecommerce Site

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I’m sticking with Ecommerce for my next few posts which will aim to give you free SEO advice to either get started selling online or to boost your ongoing efforts. You may want to read my previous post about Ecommerce SEO tips before I get into todays topic which is content.

When considering the most important points to address when optimising an Ecommerce shopping cart there is one simple thing to look at that can make a huge difference to the sites prospects. That one thing is content. In the SEO world content is of huge importance. The aim of search engines is to sort information and give users the best answers to queries that they have. To do this search engines need to gather content from websites and analyse it to see what web pages comes out on top.

So the first thing that you want search engines to find on your site is content. This probably seems obvious but it can be surprising how many brand new sites go live with barely any content at all. I should clarify what I mean by content. Text, Images and video but the most important of these for SEO by far is text. It’s the search engines first language. Search engines can’t read images or video in the same way as text so the text that you include in your pages is crucial in convincing them what your page is about, what it’s intent is and why it is a good choice to show in search results. Google does seem to be getting good at determining where images are placed on a page and their relevance to the page but if you were planning on adding either 10 images or a 200 word paragraph I would go with the text every time (for SEO that is).

If you put your ecommerce site live with lots of images but barely any text you’re not giving Google a lot to go on. Unless you have a strong and trusted domain name with lots of links you are going to need to convince Google that your site is worthy. That means adding the best original content that you can come up with, and lots of it. If you launch an ecommerce site with lots of well written and descriptive text on each product page you are telling Google that you are serious about giving your users a decent shopping experience. You are also giving the Google algorithm plenty of content to chew over which will help convince it that a page is focused on a particular subject or group of keywords.

It may be a lot of work to write original compelling copy for every product that you have but it is very much worth it. I think Google knows just how time consuming it can be to write lots of good content but I’ve seen it repay that effort in a lot of cases. It’s good for users to be able to get as much information as possible before purchasing a product and good for your Ecommerce SEO too. It’s a win win. Large eye catching images are also a must for any Ecommerce site but they shouldn’t be the only thing on the page. Remember that your customers can’t pick up your products so give them as much info as possible.

One thing that you can do for free to help your ecommerce site rank well is to add lots of text. Does this E commerce advice seem too easy and therefore not worth bothering with? Don’t make that mistake. This is a simple but fundamental point to address for your Ecommerce site.

Once you have your Ecommerce content for a particular product use Googles keyword tool to find the most popular keywords related to it. Then make sure that you are including the most relevant and searched for terms on your pages and you will have given your site a worthy boost.

Once you are on the way to getting the content that you need written you are going to need to consider how Google decides whos content is best as well as Canonicalisation. These subjects will be covered in my next two Ecommerce SEO posts.

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