Interview with Ali Hutcheson from Woods Noble Media – Part 2

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The PoLR blog was lucky enough to secure an interview with Ali Hutcheson of Woods Noble Media, who kindly agreed to answer some questions for us. Woods Noble Media specialise in producing quality video and audio for businesses or those who require the service of multimedia specialists. With over a decades experience in television and radio production as well as spending time working as a journalist for one of the largest corporations in the UK namely the BBC; Ali brings to Wood Noble media a solid technical background in multimedia production but also a profound knowledge of how to communicate in business.

Woods Noble Media provide businesses with a full multimedia service also specialising in websites, podcasts, social media and image presentation. Some of Woods Noble Media’s past clients include; Scottish Women in Business, New Territories and Scottish Sinfonia.

Ali gave such detailed and informative answers to our questions that we split the interview into two parts, here is part two continued from part one last week…

6) What part do you see social media playing in marketing business online? How does Woods Noble Multimedia utilise social media?

I can see that social media will become an integral part of online campaigns. Woods Noble Media is just starting to use Twitter and a Facebook Page is imminent! We’ve also made video for Facebook pages. The encoding on Facebook is far cleaner than YouTube and I think that video is a very useful tool for a Facebook page.

7) Can you give our readers the best techniques to use when interviewing, in order to assure they receive the best and the most information. Perhaps if they wanted to interview someone for their blog just like this?

The most important thing is not to ask questions what can be answered ‘Yes’ of ‘No’! You need to ask people to describe things, talk you through something, and explain what something felt like. Don’t be scared to ask a question again later in the interview, people tend to get better as they go along. Your questions are pretty good!

8 ) In your opinion what techniques can businesses use to gain the most from their Facebook pages?

I’m biased, but adding video and audio (you can upload podcasts via Music Player) is an excellent way of adding extra content. It means that someone who arrives on your company’s Facebook page, before they check out your website, can access all your video and audio content there and then…and of course anyone who has ‘liked’ your page will see the videos on their Facebook Newsfeed as soon as you upload them.

9) With the advent of the Google instant preview option in the results pages, which allows users to see a snap shot of the sites home page; do you think this will result in websites obeying the rule of style over substance? Which do you think will pan out to be most important in websites, design or content?

I still think that both will continue to be important. It’s not just about clicking on a site once, but how long people stay. If you have a great look, but nothing to engage, then people will click and go. However if the site doesn’t look good then you might not even get that initial click.

10) Finally, if you could interview anyone person from either the past or present for video or audio, who would you pick?

Maya Angelou, I could listen to her all day.

Thank you so much to Ali Hutcheson for taking the time out to answer our questions, we hope you enjoyed reading this.

For all your multimedia needs go to Woods Noble Media

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