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kovakKovak are an indie/electro/pop band from Brighton. They released their latest single ‘I love the dancefloor’ in October 2008 and promoted the single and themselves online through social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Rather than having PoLR telling you again how internet advertising can benefit your business, we have decided to let you hear it from the horse’s mouth (no offence Abby!). Who better to sing the praises of internet marketing than someone who is already seeing great results?

So Abby (and Kovak), thanks for answering our few questions and for spouting about the success of SEO on PoLR’s behalf.

Before we start this interview it wouldn’t be right not to plug Kovak and their new album Heroes & High Heels. So, if you fancy a little indie/electro/pop, you can pre-order it from (until April for only £6.99!).

Heroes & High Heel’s official release, on iTunes, Napster and the good old fashioned CD, will be in April 2009.


Within the last few months you have been heavily promoting Kovak through Facebook. What drew you to using Facebook?

It was new and fresh and everyone seemed to be buzzing about it. It was an opportunity not to be missed and before long it developed really useful tools for bands such as Event Invitations, Groups and ability to message large amounts of friends at a time.

Join the Kovak Facebook group >>

What other forms of social networking sites have you been using and which has been the most successful for you?

MySpace has made a huge impact. We’ve always had our own website, but being able to find new friends so easily through MySpace (and them find us!) has been a massive advantage towards getting our music heard. The interaction too makes all the difference – it’s great to have a personal relationship with fans and other onlookers. Also, it gives a clearer idea to the industry out there of what we’re about and what we’re up to.

I realise MySpace is a huge draw for bands so how does Facebook compare to MySpace? Do you find you are reaching a wider variety of fans (after all, who doesn’t use Facebook)?

Much the same… MySpace probably made the biggest impact because it came first. We use the two in conjunction and it’s difficult to know which has the wider draw now. I think people still think of MySpace primarily when it comes to bands though.

If you could only use one social networking site which one would it be?


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