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Having your branding recognised is undoubtedly one of the most sought after aspects of growing a business. For people to recognise you is extremely beneficial when they come to make a purchasing decision, suddenly they think “I need that service, who provides it?”

If you’ve managed to expose them to your brand beforehand or on more than one occasion then you have a good shout for being in their minds when they are looking to go with the provider of that service (or product).

It’s not something new that a company will look into their branding and ensure that it is representitive of themselves and their demographic (the specific group(s) of people they are looking to sell to). A logo and corporate identity will be established and settled upon (usually after great deliberation) and then this will be used in all company correspondence and, importantly, in the media. So they essentially have to be concerned about their branding in the media. It has to get across the message to those sought after purchasers and must be done right.


A question I’d like to raise is; does this concern have to be altered or reconsidered in anyway when creating branding for online media?

It might be easy enough to suggest that you simply copy what you have onto the web and then you are retaining ‘brand standard’. I would actually tend to agree with this ethos, for the most part. Underlying issues can complicate things, however. For example, is your online target market the same as you are going for offline? I bet in more cases than not, that the demographic becomes slightly altered online compared to offline. Then there is also the issue of whether or not your offline branding is easily transferable to online branding. Your old logo might be far too complex in terms of colour which makes the visibility less effective on screen, worst case scenario is that your offline branding immediately becomes inaccessible when put online.

Online media works pretty differently also, so should your branding reflect this? How much, these days, do we see new brands being created to make the online growth easier/more possible?

This is surely quite a wide topic and I would welcome comments to the discussion. It would be my opinion that, in business, you should consider your offline media branding as a separate issue to your  online media branding!

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    • Ryan
    • 18th March 2009

    @FionaJ – I agree in most part with retention of your corporate identity throughout offline and online media. My main point is that when the existing offline branding provides an issue/conflict for online branding, it might be apt to implement a change for online… more of an adaptation I suppose. Then there’s also a shout for changing it completely to attract a different demographic online (if it exists).

    @Paul – Why, thankyou kind Sir! You obviously must have first hand knowledge of how important online branding really is.

    • Paul
    • 18th March 2009

    Nice article Ryan (superStar™), the q’s raised over offline / online media branding are indeed thought provoking. I have changed our online media branding 3 times in a 2 years, but I’m still a young start-up and trying to find my feet.

    Like the a/txt 😉

    • FionaJ
    • 17th March 2009

    It’s an interesting point your making about changing the way you brand on and offline. But, isn’t it the whole point of branding to keep the theme running throughout all of your material? Can you expand on a reason why you would change from one to another.

  1. “Having your branding recognised is undoubtedly one of the most sought after aspects of growing a business.”

    I remember the first time we were recognised as ‘PoLR’ at an exhibition then afterwards, seeing how many searches started to appear just for our company name! It was great to see people recognising our brand – probably helped along by our business cards that everyone seems to comment on!