But how much is SEO going to cost me?

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So, you’re deciding to go for an SEO campaign to drive traffic to your website and business to your company. The inevitable question in your mind is going to be “”How much will this cost me?”. Well much as we can’t give you a definitave answer without knowing your market, what we have below is a guide to show you where the costs are derived from (and not just plucked out of thin air!).

An understanding that some markets are easier to achieve results for than others, or conversely more difficult, will lead you to the obvious conclusion that these costs are really going to differ from market to market (trying to compete against ‘Nike’ versus ‘Wee shoe shop round the corner form me and here’s the postcode’), therefore, the cost on the face of it is ‘market specific’ and requires a response based on market research.

Fine, we’re all in agreement that this will whittle it down to a ballpark amount. The rest is pretty straight forward. If you want a Search Engine Optimisation campaign to be successful then a full market and competitor analysis will have to be done by the company and then they willl have to ascertain how long they need to spend on the promotion of the site per month and that, my friend, is the simple way the cost is arrived at, you’re paying for the time of the team to promote your website, make changes to it structurally etc.

There’s really no rocket science involved in the calculations of the cost, if you’re being promised the world and top rankings for £50 per month then you probably have to stop and think about how long this ‘company’ is actually going to spend per month on the promotion of your site for such low cost. Similarly if you feel that you are in a relatively uncompetitive market then an unbelievable high cost may bring about a similar concern.

Take for example an email we got in today that promised for £50 per month “…a top ten Google UK ranking for a search phrase of your choice, with a guaranteed ranking in 28 days. “ It’s claims like this you need to watch out for – if it sounds unbelieveable then it probably is!

Think about it carefully, try to work out the return you will get on investment. For example, if you can look at your statistics and work out that for every 100 hits you get 2 sales and your average sale is £100, you can work out that an extra 1000 hits per month from this SEO company (from relevant traffic of course!) could mean an extra £2000 to your business minus the cost of the SEO and so on… then you can start to realise the break even point for the SEO and then begin to project the revenue you could generate.

When you start to realise the lucrativeness of top positioning and relevant traffic, you’ll see that the money spent on a proper SEO campaign, a proportionate number of hours by a company who knows their product is money well spent and the need to justify the costs will have answered itself.

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