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I wrote an article a year ago on what you should be asking your web developer. It became quite a popular post so I have decided to follow it up with another guide on what you should be looking for in a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company.

With so many companies out there how do you know you are getting someone you can trust, how can you be sure of their history and that they are not a ‘bunch of cowboys’ – to quote one of our clients on their previous web design company!

So how do you choose a good, honest and ethical SEO company and what should you be looking out for?

1) Straight from the horses mouth.
You’re looking for testimonials from current happy customers with this (and they should really be current as if they are previous clients why did they leave..?) PoLR have several clients on hand to vouch for us (we only pay them a minimal bribe so it’s quite economical advertising really 😉 ) If you are untrusting of reviews on company websites then you can always use an unbiased review site such as where the client writes the review themselves.

2) Show me the money!
Don’t listen to excuses such as ‘our clients are confidential so we can’t show you any results’. Any SEO company worth their salt is proud to punch of any their achievements and should be more than willing to give you something concrete to refer to. It goes without saying that client details are confidential but remember, you’re not asking to view their clients sales data just information that is already in the public domain such as current positions.

3) I want the Earth and I want it now.
So you want to be an number one and you wanted it like, last week. Beware the SEO company who sees the Google hunger in you and reacts by promising you the Earth! No one can guarantee results or predict 100% what mood Google is going to be in from one day to the next (not even Matt Cutts can be bribed)

4) Do not disturb
An SEO company who doesn’t want FTP access is like a child that doesn’t want a daily supply of sweets! We haven’t taken over one site that hasn’t needed some TLC be it something as simple as optimising the meta data to validating the site or re-jigging the web design – none of which we could have done without FTP access. We WILL ask you for feedback and get you involved in the articles we write on you behalf because we want your input and want you to know what we are doing for you.

5) The never ending search term
Showing Global results for “estate agents in cumbria who also sell dog chews” is all good and well but who is going to search for that? If I were that estate agent I’d be much more impressed if I ranked highly for “estate agent cumbria” AND “Dog chew supplier” Likewise, if your seo company ranks for “search engine optimisation in the wee pink house on the isle of skye” you need not be so impressed as if they were to rank for “SEO company” only. You want to check this out for youself? Go to Google and do your own search then look for them in the results.

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