Squidoo Lens Tips from a Newbie – by Sophia Schwan

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squidooI started off making squidoo lenses during my work experience at PoLR. I had never heard of this site before but it turns out it’s actually quite addictive and useful. The beauty of it is you can post anything about everything. It’s just about sharing what you know. Well I didn’t feel I knew anything spectacular so I ended up writing about random topics. These lenses actually turned out to be relatively interesting, believe it or not! There are certain tips though that are useful to know in order for your squidoo lens to be a success.


Think of a book. What is the first thing you read? The cover and the back? Maybe something about the author? Well a squidoo lens should be similar to that so make sure you introduce your topic and don’t just start talking about something that could completely derail the reader. A helpful aspect would be to include a contents section so that readers an jump back and forth between your lens content. Show your potential readers why your lens is unique and why it’s worth reading. You need to show that your outlook on the topic is unique and not another run-of-the-mill recipe.

Images and Multimedia

As they always say, first impressions are key so make your lens look hot. Add pictures to break up text and add interest to the lens – too much text can be difficult to read on screen so use images to break it into managable chunks and to back up what you are saying. So make sure you add some Flickr photos, a big introductory image will pack a punch. The more images the better!

Unique Content

Something you always avoid is plagiarising anyone elses work in any way. Readers will be bored quickly and they probably won’t come back to check out any other stuff you have written. So put some you and some oomf into it and keep content unique.

Fun and Interesting

Make sure you’re lens is useful. May it be educational or for some DIY tips, you need it to make it worth the readers time. If you have finished your lens. Don’t shove it to the back of your dashboard, having it sit there forever. You need to update your content now and again. If you like someone’s lens you’ll go back for more. Keep that in mind and make sure your squidoo lens is updated…a lot.

Show it off!

If you’re feeling sad it’s always nice to know your efforts don’t go unnoticed. Unfortunately these days, to get a little you need to give a lot. If you want some feedback on your lens, stumble it, twitter it, mr. wong it, it or make it delicious. If you think I sound crazy, I am referring to social networking possibilities. These sites let you put the word out. Review your own lens and say how awesome it is and why everyone needs to read it. In two hours you could have more than triple your page views you had before. If you want to stay within the squidoo safety zone, offer a duel, a poll, or a voting option. People always have the urge to say their opinion so why not make it a bit more fun for your readers?

Give a bit of back-chat

Speaking about giving a lot, give some feedback on other lenses or feature them but only if you actually like them. It would be a bit rude to just go and advertise you lens on their lens. So be fair and give them a pat on the shoulder if they deserve it. You’ll be getting yours in due course.

Give it time…

Patience is a virtue. No, don’t roll your eyes, I’m serious! With squidoo you need to wait a bit. Don’t expect internet users to flock to your lens and tell you your lens is the only thing they’ll ever read ever again. That won’t happen, sorry. If you wait and update and create new lenses, (stumbling won’t do any harm either), you’ll see a change and a growing interest in what you have to say.

Good Luck!

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