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E-commerce Legal Requirements

If you run an e-commerce system over the Internet there are certain regulations you must adhere to. These regulations are in place to…
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Ecommerce and Online Payment Survey

We previously carried out an e-commerce survey where we touched on users feelings over third party payment gateways (such as Paypal etc) and…
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Top 10 tips to consider for your e-commerce cart

We talk a lot about e-commerce design and the benefits of e-commerce and an SEO campaign we also have carried out an e-commerce…
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E-commerce Survey – Instore or Online Shopping?

Following on from our other research into users buying behaviour online we decided to compare online v's offline buying. Our interest was sparked…
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E-commerce Survey – Internet Usage

Being able to find out what people are generally using the Internet for is an invaluable resource for PoLR. It allows us Internet…
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10 Questions to ask your E-commerce Developers

For a vast number of retail businesses an E-commerce application as part of their website (if not the primary function) is essential. It…
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