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Is SEO worth paying for?

I'm sure we all get the spam emails from companies making outrageous claims about guaranteeing top positioning in Google for next to nothing…
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Is linking out worth the lost page rank

It can be quite tempting to hoard all of your hard earned page rank in order to perform better in search results. After…
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Baking SEO into the website pie

I do love my metaphors. It is not essential to consider SEO factors when building and laying out your site but it can…
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Can hosting affect your SEO?

Hosting is a part of the online process that can be taken for granted until there's a problem.  Before you have to think…
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SEO and what you should know.

I wrote an article a year ago on what you should be asking your web developer. It became quite a popular post so…
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Bounce rate – What it means and why it’s not a disaster if it increases.

Analysing your website's traffic can quite quickly become an obsession. The most obvious aspect people look at would be the number visitors coming…
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