The bronze age of the marketing world! Eww, shiny things!

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I have decided on a visual demonstration for this post in the form of a Mitchell and Webb sketch (unfortunately not Peep Show but hey, you can’t have everything). I want to use it to show the importance of company’s embracing this new-fangled business of the Internet to keep the edge over the competition. Or , if I’m being honest, I just wanted the excuse to add them to our site.

We’re always banging on about Online Media and have written this post to show that a company that refuses to embrace online media and realise its capabilities could rapidly see its competitors overtake it online.

Think of airlines.

  • ‘Budget’ airlines such as Ryanair or Easyjet rely heavily on the Internet to gain customers, sales and in the future will utilise it even more to process those customers prior to arrival at the airport.
  • Traditional airlines such as BA trraditionally relied more on agents selling their products on their behalf.

Easyjet took its first seat booking in 1998 and now sees 95% of sales being taken through the Internet. Not only does the Internet allow acts such as e-ticketing and e-check-in to reduce overheads, by using their own website for bookings, budget airlines can keep a track of sales and seat capacity minute-by-minute (and therfore know when the break-even point has been hit).

The ‘traditional’ airlines have a slower process as they have traditionally needed to rely more on agents for the updating of sales. Although this is now changing (in April 2006 BA UK internal flights went online or self-service check-in) these airlines have been playing catch-up rather than leading the way online.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, although off-line media has it’s place don’t overlook the online version. So get yourself out of the advertising stone age and into the shiny new bronze because you can bet your Bronze Age axe that your competitors will already be on their way !

And the visual demonstration I mentioned earlier?

Watch the video and imagine the advocates of the Bronze Age Orientation Day are the Forward thinking companies utilising the Web and the ‘Cavemen’ are, well, anyone who doesn’t believe in the power that is online media!

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