The Golden Keywords

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One of the best things about successful marketing is the gaining of business from a certain strategy, that’s pretty clear to most, I’d imagine. There is, however a famous saying by someone that goes a bit like:

Half my advertising works, I just don’t know which half

I’m sure this is an element where every business would like to know the answers. Accountability – being able to account for the marketing or advertising that brought you the business would be ideal, then you know where to spend efficiently and perhaps where to cut back if it’s not producing a return.

There’s quite a lot of areas where you may sometimes have a ‘sling some mud and wee what sticks’ approach, but this can be initially expensive and slightly uncertain in terms of providing any returns at all. But hey, it’s good to experiment and you never know what advertising gem might encourage the tipping point for your business.

So what if you could find a way to account for your marketing and identify the gems from the pebbles? The short answer is that sometimes you can.

Traditional Marketing

Other media’s like leafleting, email marketing and billboards can be  hazy in terms of accountability, but it can be a hard call to stop doing them just in case you cancel the wrong one. For example, you have a billboard up and get some work from it but how do you know how many people actually saw that billboard in the first place? It could have just been one (in which case, cancel it!) or it could be millions. Either way, after you think about the exposure the secind question is how many have actually converted into an enquiry / sale? The point I’m making is that with traditional marketing it is incredibly hard to know exactly how many people have bene exposed to your message and branding in order to track its effectiveness.

Online Marketing

In terms of internet marketing, after you do it for a while (and if you are monitoring your traffic), you begin to realise that you can really start to identify the ‘Golden Keywords’ bringing foot-fall to your website. Because of all the blogging we’ve been doing lately we’ve started to see some really odd searches bring traffc into our site and on closer inspection we have found that some of these are converting. With use of Google Analytics, you can pretty clearly see trends that appear and can eventually establish your Golden Keywords and then go for them guns blazing!

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