Why undertake a digital marketing campaign in 2009?

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We’ve been blogging recently about the benefits of marketing and advertising through the recession. It has been reported time and time again that keeping up advertising during a recession will stand you in good stead once everything starts to improve.

To recap, you can view a few of our previous posts here:

According to a recent reader SEO Survey over at toprankblog.com advertisers are increasingly planning to embrace online marketing in a bid to increase their sales and exposure over 2009. I have taken a snapshot of the top five methods below from the toprankblog website.

It’s refreshing to see (after reading through our inbox each morning) that ‘No holds barrier spam’ received 0% of votes.


  • So what are the benefits of online advertising over traditional media?
  • What makes it so appealing in this current climate?
+ Benefits of Online Advertising
  • Cost : Social media accounts cost nothing to set up and cost only your time to run.
  • Speed : Blogging, Micro-blogging and Social network participation have got to be the fastest methods of marketing at this current time. You have an idea, you blog about it and seconds later it is in the websphere.
  • Audience : With the likes of Twitter you can reach an audience you may never have reached before by following (and being followed by) people with similar interests to you.
  • Access: With the surge of people buying up the likes of iPhones and Blackberry’s the Internet is nowt but a click away. You can Twitter from anywhere and at anytime – I’ve even updated my Facebook from Rannoch Moor!
  • Environment: If you are on a computer all day it could be argued that this is not very environmentally aware but, if you are working on a computer as a normal part of your day then doing the odd Twitter etc is not going to use up a huge amount of evergy compared to printed materials.
  • Lifespan: Once on the Internet a blog post etc is pretty much permanant. With something like StumbleUpon the chance of your advert re-appearing every now and again is high. It will live on and you never know who may see it years from now!
Negatives of Traditional Printed Media (or why Digital Marketing is better!)
  • Cost : Print costs can be very high. If you have ever put an advert in a paper or magazine you will no doubt have been shocked at the costs attached! We were…Speed: When costs are higher such as with a print run, more decisions need to be made and agreed. This means an increase in time and could make you act after your competitors already have.
  • Audience : You have a much more limited audience per campaign. With flyers for example, you are limited to where you can physically hand them out so for SME’s this tends to limit you to more local advertising.
  • Environment : As much as flyers etc can be recycled the very fact they have been created in the first place is not very eco-friendly. Not to mention that the majority of flyers just get chucked away and usually on the ground!
  • Lifespan : Once printed promotional material is finished with it will be binned. Once binned, it is lost.

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