Why e-commerce is suited to an SEO campaign

What is website validation and why is it important to have validating websites for accessibility, usability and Search Engine Optimisation?

Why e-commerce is suited to an SEO campaign

So you have your shop set up online and all is running smoothly but have you asked yourself these questions..?

  • Am I getting many sales, could I get more?
  • Are visitors coming to my shop and immediately leaving? Why?
  • Why am I not getting many visitors to my site? How can I improve this?

If you have been running your ecommerce shop for a while it could be that you have started to think harder about where sales are coming from or perhaps you just want to launch your online shop in the strongest possible way. Whatever your reason, you've started to think about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet Marketing.

The reason SEO is so well suited to an e-commerce website is three fold:

  1. An e-commerce shop needs to be marketed in order to compete against the competition.
  2. Visitors alone are not enough if they do not complete a task on your site.
  3. Performance can be measured and perfected to for a great return on investment.

Traditionally SEO was primarilly concerned with getting traffic to your website but as it developed it became more about return on investments and converting traffic into customers.

This means sending more relative traffic to your website, people who may already have enough of an interest in your product or service that they will complete your desired task - whether that be buying a product or signing up to your newsletter.

Another thing about online marketing is that it can be measured through website analytics to easily see which marketing methods are effective. You can set up goals for analytics to do many things such as report back how many people reached the checkout of your cart before leaving without buying. You can then use this data to analyse your website and evaluate why this was happening and what could be done to decrease it.

E-commerce is suited to an SEO campaign as it aims to market your website to the most suitable audience, to put your product or service infront of the customer by targetting keywords that will be lucrative to you and to encourage the completion of a desired task once on your website (through constant monitoring and evaluation).