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At PoLR we know that a cool website is just the tip of the iceberg...

Why you need PoLR for your Internet Marketing campaign

At PoLR we know that a cool website is just the tip of the iceberg. We believe a successful website becomes a successful selling tool when it's backed up by a PoLR driven intensive marketing campaign to drive visitors to your site and convert these visitors into sales/leads.

Marketing your website

Online marketing is the process of improving a sites position in major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) in order to increase relevant traffic (potential customers) to your website.

Online marketing involves building your website or on-line presence to help it perform as well as possible in the rankings of the three main search engines, to put your product or service 'in the face' of your potential buyers and create a higher return on investment.  

We follow the same 3 step structured process  when we provide internet marketing to our clients:

  1. Research and analysis
  2. Planning your campaign
  3. Implementing your campaign

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of improving a sites position in search engines for keyword search terms in order to increase traffic to a website.

Have you ever wondered how Google decides which ten results to display when you search for a website. Its not luck or a first come first serve basis that determines your sites position in search engines. Google looks at a number of different factors on your site as well as the links pointing to it from other domains. By optimising your website for search engines we aim to address each of those factors.

Consider what your website is intended to do for you:

  1. Does it sell products? Does it provide a service? Do you want customers to make contact?
  2. Do you measure how well it does any of the above?
  3. Do you want it to perform better in the rankings?
Now you are starting to think about SEO.

SEO is the idea of marketing your website to help it perform as well as possible in the three main search engine rankings, to put your product or service 'in the face' of your potential buyers and create a higher return on investment.

So if you like the idea of making more money from your website take a look at the options an SEO company can provide. From organic SEO to managed PPC campaigns we have a solution to suit your needs.

Check out our internet marketing blog for more information about us.


For one online retailer we increased sales by 50% in one year


Gained no.1 Google positions for many highly competitive keywords for a vehicle co.


Tripled visitors from one year to the next for one online shop

Organic SEO

Think of Google and the results you see. First you have the paid for results down the right hand side then you have the sponsored links along the shaded bar at the top. The Organic results are the main body of search results sitting on a white background. They are the results that are there on the strength of their site rather than having bought their way there - they are relevant to your search and not just adverts.

We are of the opinion that best practise is the way forward. We build all of our websites to the World Wide Web Consortium or W3C standard (this is the professional web standard). We can also achieve this standard with existing websites that come to us for SEO by tidying up the code where necessary and making the site as 'clean' as possible. This gives us a good base from which to market your website online as it is professional and allows search engines to index your website as efficiently as possible.

Using, amongst others, social networking, copy-writing and back linking, we will market your website to drive relevant traffic from your demographic and implement analytics of the overall performance of how your site works, how browsers (customers) use it, when they leave, how long they spend on the site and work out a ‘goal’ for the website. Having the knowledge of all these elements and the flexibility to change the parts that don’t work, enables your website to prerform as well as it can.

Catering for the end user is the way to go and we will not entertain the idea of mass submitting of your site to 'spammy' directories or involving ourselves in out-dated black hat techniques such as hidden text or doorway pages. Good, honest, organic SEO is the name of our game!

For an idea of how your current site is performing, why not request one of our free website healthcheck.

  • Ask us for some examples of successful SEO campaigns!
  • We fully evaluate your competition
  • We will suggest strategies to best suit your market
PPC Campaign

Search Marketing is huge. It is the fastest growing form of marketing and more-and-more companies are realising the benefits of being found on search engines. Now, we are huge advocates of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to give you that return your company so desires. But what are all these sponsored links at the right hand side of Google that you see and more importantly why do people pay for them?

The answer is that this is known as Adwords, or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Google. You basically set a daily rate for the most lucrative keywords for your industry and every time someone clicks on this Ad, it costs you a certain amount of money (relative to how competitive the market is, of course) but gets that person onto your site.

  • Instant hits to your website
  • Fixed budgets
  • Top of Google searches immediately (on the right)


PPC, in general, works for the short term. You get the traffic to your site and hope-against-hope that the traffic you get will result in a conversion. On the flip-side, this doesn't really have any effect on the strength of your website in your industry as a good SEO campaign would. The trick here is to use the PPC campaign wisely. So rather than a long term solution for your online marketing and advertising, perhaps utilise PPC for specific sales you have, deals you offer and seasons where you know you can forecast that you might want some security of a 'traffic top-up'

PoLR can manage this campaign for the best return you can get. With our extensive research into your industry and Search Marketing experience, PoLR know we can provide your PPC campaign with that expert input and spend your PPC budget like it were our own.

E-mail Marketing

Having a databse of clients with email adresses can actually be quite a useful tool for the marketing of your business. You may have existing customer details that you wish to offer new services to, or keep them in the loop about upcoming events and offers.

Email Marketing is clever. targeted emails to your prospective client base can provide that ideal opportunity for your business to get some new customers.

We can provide you with a full email marketing campaign to approach your new and existing customers and give you a detailed report of click-throughs, opened emails, deleted and replied.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you with your email marketing.

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