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Social Media Guide – Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin

FREE from PoLR... Our social media guide has been updated for 2013 so if you're unsure what Twitter's all about, think Facebook is…
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Tips on how to use Pinterest for your Buisness

You may have noticed over the past few months that your social media accounts have been awash with mentions of Pinterest the hottest…
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#hurricanebawbag Batters Britain

Excuse the title but this storm has honestly been christened #hurricanebawbag as the result of a rather imaginative Scottish public. Humour in the…
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Museum exploring made easy with the AMNH iPhone App

We were recently at the American Museum of Natural History and prior to going we'd heard stories of how you need loads of…
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Social Media Week 2011 – New York

I'm a workaholic and I freely admit it so when I was on holiday destined for New York and discovered it was Social…
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