How much more applicable is SEO if you’re an Ecommerce website?


A lot of our clients for SEO are Ecommerce websites. Not all of them by any stretch of the imagination, but a fair old percentage. The thing about Ecommerce is that you pretty much know the success of an Intenet Marketing campaign by the sales increase enjoyed. This is mostly the case, arguably you could say that the traffic increased Tenfold but the sales actually dipped, so the conversion of the website let the side down. Thankfully though folks, this isn’t the way we work at PoLR.

As with any of our SEO or Internet Marketing Clients, we understand that the conversion of the website (the amount of traffic that actually do what you want them to do, this usually mean ‘buy’ and this equals a ‘conversion’ but can also just mean an ‘enquiry’ for a non-transactional website) is sometimes as important as the traffic levels. This is why we constantly adjust the websites for best performance in the Search Engines and best performance when everybody actually gets onto the website.

When we increase conversions on an enquiry focused website, they will get more enquiries in which seems like an easy equasion. The next question is then, how do they know that it is our SEO campaign that is generating their increase in enquiries? And not the Thirty Grand they just unwittingly gave to Yellow Pages? Well you can actually take care to show them who’s contacting from where and Google Analytics helps too. Ultimately, sometimes you rely on their in-house noting of where leads came from which can be, at times, unreliable.

When an Ecommerce client is looking to see if their SEO campaign is working for them it is pretty cut-and-dried. They can see immediately, from Google Analytics, everything they need to know about traffic sources and how the increases are going and where they’re being generated from. So generally, it’s the easiest type of client to show successes for. The monthly meeting will follow a similar path to other Ecommerce based clients, but still of course, looking to constantly improve.

This makes it seem like it’s more applicable for an Ecommerce website to obtain SEO than another type of website. I would argue that the importance is equal! Every business wants to get more business. The manner in which you get it is down to the products/services you provide (they might not be ‘tangible’ products). You shouldn’t have to have a lesser internet concern than direct selling websites.

It’s mostly just the reporting and analysis that gets slightly more complex. But to be honest, it’s not that much of a stretch and we know how to do it anyway, so leave it to us! The end result is: SEO is just as important to a company looking to generate leads/sales in any way, be it selling online, or attracting potential customers to contact you.

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  1. Thanks Gilbert, Well spotted. I guess late nights and blogging don’t always mix 😉

  2. What’s a ‘tangeable’ product? Is it the same as a tangible product? Bet you guys are expert at building traffic by identifying all the mis-spellings of keywords. Interesting blog though…..