5 Points to ponder before getting your website redesigned.

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We all know what it’s like to live with something and being to get tired of after a while – it’s why my first flat was re-painted 6 times in three years and why I’ve never been able to grow anything from seed (I get bored before the seedlings have even emerged!).

Recently we wrote an article on why it was not always necessary to rebrand or completely redesign your online presence and it led to this post. Obviously there are some reasons why a complete overhaul is necessary for example:

  • Website technology is out of date
  • Website is not user friendly
  • Website is not converting visitors
  • Maybe your corporate identity is being re-developed

But before you dive in at the deep end and become convinced that the only way forward is through dramatic changes consider these points below. And if you would like to read more then look at some of our previous posts:

1 ) What do you currently like or dislike about your website?

If you are just a little tired of the design or colours etc then maybe it’s time for a freshen up rather than a rebrand. Maybe you could learn to love your website again with and updated colour scheme or fresh images.

2 ) Is there something fundamentally wrong with the design or are you just tired of the branding?

If you really hate your website and can’t bear to go on it or it’s not brought you any business then maybe it is time for change after all. Maybe the navigation isn’t working for you or you’ve never had a single enquiry through the site. If you really can’t live with it and feel it’s negative for your company then re-brand away!

3 ) What do you hope to achieve and what do you hope visitors gain from visiting your website?

When redesigning your site consider what your aim is. Is there a particular form you want completed, do you want the customer to contact you, or do you want a purchase to be made? If you have these goals clear in your mind it will be easier to get your website working for you.

4 ) Is your current site working and converting for you?

Spend some time looking into your current website and it’s performance. Be really honest about what’s ‘wrong’ with your site, if it does a good job and clients like it then maybe you need to leave some of your personal preferences aside, you need to be careful not to change a part that’s successful just because you’re bored with it! What are your future goals for the website? Do you have a new brand due to be released or maybe you would consider selling online at some point.

5 ) How are your clients reaching you?

Consider how clients contact you, if you notice they are contacting you with queries that are easily available on your website then it may be time to look at the navigation. What’s easily noticable to you may not be to a visitor. Focus groups are great for getting a fresh perspective on your website or branding.

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