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A friend was looking at the Learn Direct site the other day and found a web design course for £50.00, on the same note I was flicking through a well known web design magazine a few weeks ago when I spied an advert for a ‘Professionally designed website for £35 a year’. I read it, then read it again and thought WHAT? £35.00 a YEAR for a “professionally designed website?”

After my initial reaction it made me think – our sales team often have to explain why the cheapest is not necessarily the best when it comes to website design (and most things really) and why it can be a false economy. With this advert though it made me realise that if a magazine for web designers touts a £35 a year site then can non-teccy’s really be blamed for thinking this is the norm and that anything else is extortionate?

It did put me in another pair of shoes for a minute before I came back to thinking from my own point of view which is, if I was looking for a years worth of drycleaning or morning coffees or really, professional anything I would never believe £35 a year would get me a quality products and serve me well in the end. In fact, the chances are it would make me look elsewhere.

There are hundreds of articles out there that point out the benefits of a professionally designed website (we’ve written a few ourselves) but still it seems to be a point that isn’t always ‘believed’ with the first (and sometimes second) iteration of a website presence.

A False economy?

Often we have clients come in who are at the second stage of developing their online presence. The general theme is that they have started with a DIY site and after one or two versions of it, have decided that it’s not working for them and start to look around for a company who can tailor a site to reflect their companys quality and branding.

Here’s an example for you of a false economy (in money and time). Recently, a client who’s site I used to work on years ago, decided that he would have a shot at revamping his website himself (with no previous IT knowledge). After two self-made iterations (one of which was a free online dating site that had been slightly adapted with the addition of his logo but still retained the default dating data) the original website has been restored to its original state! That was time, effort and reputation that would have been lost.

Why reputation? Because anyone who had been signed up to the site and returned while the dating site was up would probably not have bothered returning again – I wouldn’t have, would you?


I do understand that when first stepping out on the web software such as Mr Site can be a cheap and easy way to test the water. It lets you get online quicky, cheaply and without having to deal with technical jargon (apparantly I talk too much of this..!) It can be really economic for a new start business and will at least get a business started with on online presence. However, it can also be a false economy if an upgrade is needed in a short period of time.

Many web design companies advertise offers to start up companies so it’s worth checking around to see who caters for small businesses – it could be that a little extra to a budget in the early days will save time and effort a little later down the line.

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