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gamergirls1There have been several reports recently regarding the increase of internet usage among women. As we are either just finishing or have just completed several female orientated sites we thought it was about time we blogged about the rise of the lady surfer (kind of like the rise of the Terminator but with lipstick, heels and a funky handbag)!

1) Little Miss Surf

In December 2008, Digital World, Digital Life released results of a study that found 47% of UK housewives spend half of their free time on the Internet. Given the study found they have an average of 5.8 hours free per weekday, that’s approx 3 hours a day online. Though, now that you can buy groceries online, pay bills, deal with the bank and many other house-admin duties, maybe the housewives surveyed are just using the Internet as a tool to ease their work and it’s not leisure surfing at all!

2) Blogging v’s A little bit of the other

Intel commissioned a report in 2008 that showed some pretty startling findings. It found that 46% of women would prefer to give up sex for a fortnight than Internet access! This figure was unsurprisingly down for men to 30%! Interestingly, as women got older they were more inclined to prefer the Internet to ‘mummy-daddy time’! For women aged 18-34 it was 49 percent and for women aged 35-44 it was 52 percent. For men aged 18-34, it was 39 percent.

3) Keeping in touch on the move

A recent report by comScore found that one third (34%) of European mobile social networking users access social media exclusively. Women accounted for 48% of this statistic. A 2007 report  published on Techcrunch found that 64% of Facebook users in the UK were female and this nifty little facebook demographic tool lets you compare male and female users in the UK.

4) All’s fair in love and Warcraft

A report from July 2008 showed that even in the seemingly masculine world of gaming women are holding their own. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found that 40% of gamers are women. In fact, women over the age of 18 account for 33% of gamers while boys under the age of 17 account for just 18%. Don’t know about you, but I was quite surprised at this statistic..?

So there you have it, a few facts gleamed for the big wide world of web. Maybe next time you redesign your website or set up a promotion it might be worth considering a little (*ahem) sexism after all! 😉

Speaking of which, maybe it’s about time PoLR had a lady bear addition to our avatars..!

*image borrowed from http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z218/Arkain_Ravage/GamerGirls.jpg

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